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The success of ADP Marketing & Promotions has been based on a wealth of experience and expertise gained in the Energy Saving and Renewables, Dairy and Newspaper industries.

From a standing start in the spring of 2004, we have grown to become the Market Leader in Customer Acquisition for the Dairy Industry throughout the United Kingdom. We have also established ourselves as one of the market leaders inthe Energy Savings and Renewables, as well as the National and Regional Newspaper Industries.

All our staff are fully employed, fully trained and constantly developed. We have quality control and checking systems in place, ensuring best practice and that we operate to the highest standards at all times. Each team consists of a Team Manager, and 3/4 salespeople. We currently have the country split into regions, with 6/8 teams in each region. Each Region has an Operations Manager and an Area Manager allocated to it.

At ADP we pride ourselves on our service and professionalism. Our phenomenal growth has been based on our adherence to fundamental principles:

  • Offering our customers a first class professional service
  • Recognising the importance of every individual's role within ADP
  • Excellent pay and bonus structures that reward quality of performance
  • Career development to reward outstanding performance


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